Hello, I'm Michelle.

I wrote this in the third person because I read somewhere it was more professional but my sister told me off for not sounding like myself so here I am, as myself. 
Speaking of my sister, she gave me the name "paintbrushinmytea" because I tend to accidentally do this a lot, and as the name didn't take itself seriously it suited the unserious style of my work.
The first time someone laughed at something I drew was so surreal that I knew that's what I wanted to keep doing. So after many years, a lot of travelling, and much creative trial and error "paintbrushinmytea" was born in Cyprus, where I'm from and currently based.
My favourite commissions to draw are the "Things That Make Me Happy" prints ♡ born out of lockdown, when I drew 50 things that make me happy to ease my anxiety. I absolutely love reading people's happy lists and bringing them to life on paper. If I could draw them all day every day I would. Get in touch to order yours!
As well as working on commissions, I create products like greeting cards, prints and gifts, available in my online shop. You can also find some of my products in person in Nicosia at thecollective shop, Artnaldas store and Bomba Picnic.
I recently started a mini newsletter, so do sign up here if you'd like to keep updated on my work and general fluff.
For enquiries, or if you'd like to stock any products in your shop, get in touch at paintbrushinmytea@gmail.com or via the Contact Me page.  Thanks for passing through!